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Bernadine Naude
Born in South Africa
43 years
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"Sovereign Lord, as hou have promised, you now dismiss your servant in peace. For my eyes have seen your salvationLuke 2:29-30

This memorial website was created to remember our dearest Bernadine Naude who was born in South Africa on August 12, 1964 and passed away on September 14, 2007. You will live forever in our memories and hearts.




I met Bernadine in 1999 when my eldest, Jesse started at Hettie Hen Playgroup.  She's always been such a blessing to the little ones as well as the parents she dealt with.

About 5 Years ago Bernadine was diagnosed wih cancer.  She has since had a mastectomy, various tumors removed & been throught numerous treatments of chemo treatments.  During this time she never once complained & seldom stayed away from work.  She was always around with an encouraging smile & a positive word for those around her.


Latest Condolences
Carmen Giesen BLESS BERNADINE!!! September 22, 2007

Das tut mir Leid mit Micha´s Lehrerin,aber Kopf hoch da wo sie jetzt ist hat sie ihren Frieden gefunden!


Patrizia Schwartz REST IN PEACE September 15, 2007

With your death, I lost a wonderful friend & Misha lost a marvelous teacher to cancer.

Bernadine, your strength & faith is astounding... thank you for all you have done and meant to the children & families from Hettie Hen Playgroup.  Now you have no more pain & suffering but your presense at Hettie Hen will be sorely missed.

Your life was a testimony to many of how a positive attitude can carry us throught the worst of times.

I love you & will miss you dearly.